Detroit Disassembled monograph released by Damiani and the Akron Art Museum
Fine Art publisher Damiani and the Akron Art Museum have released Andrew Moore's monograph Detroit Disassembled, featuring an essay by Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and Detroit native, Philip Levine.

In Detroit Disassembled, Moore records a territory in which the ordinary flow of time-or the forward march of the assembly line-appears to have been thrown spectacularly into reverse. Moore locates both dignity and tragedy in the city's decline, among post-apocalyptic landscapes of windowless grand hotels, vast barren factory floors, collapsing churches, offices carpeted in velvety moss and entire blocks reclaimed by prairie grass. Beyond their astonishing content, Moore's photographs inevitably raise the uneasy question of the long-term future of a country in which such extreme degradation can exist unchecked.
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